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Spectra S1 Electric Breast Pump (with inBuilt Rechargeable Batt)

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1 unit of Spectra S1 Breast Pump
1 unit of Premium Breast shield c/w Diaphragm Backflow Protector
1 unit of Bottle (BPA free) set include cap and disc
1 unit of Soft teat
1 unit of Tubing
1 unit of Valve head
1 unit of AC Power Adapter



Single: ~38-54 cycles per minute


0-300 mm Hg


2 kgs


AC Power plug 230V 50Hz


• Hospital Grade electric Breast pump.
• With inbuilt rechargeable battery
• Powerful, efficient pump with a gentle pattern of suction.
• Letdown mode fully adjustable program to best suit your body.
• Night light feature for using breast pump while baby asleep.
• Automatic 30 minutes turn off timer (for safety purpose).
• Suitable for heavy duty usage (8 times per day).
• Suitable for active & working moms.
• Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the S1 has a diaphragm type backflow protector which ensures that moisture from your milk cannot enter the pump motor. Using a pump without this kind of protection can result in mould growth in the pump motor and is a potential source of virus transmission.
• Can be used as a double or single electric breast pump, and also switch to a manual breast pump.
• Individually Adjustable Suction Control.
• Saves time — its unique design prevents milk and moisture from entering tubing, so there's no need to clean pump tubing!
• BPA Free - All parts that come in contact with expressed milk are made of BPA free polypropylene plastic.
• Super quiet.
• Hygienic, maintenance free and long motor life.
• Robust ergonomic design.
• 12 Suction levels
• 5 Cycle levels
• Battery information: 3 LED Bar battery indication for appx 3 hours expression.
• Standard Package come with single breast shield only. For double pumping, user has to purchase extra breast shield. Our exclusive Breast shield Full Set is only RM80 per set which consists of: 


1 set of Premium Breast Shield Kit (Shield, Tubing, Valve, Backflow Protector) worth RM95

Total Saving of RM15!



More Information

There are many models of breast pumps which meet different needs. After detailed reviews, we found that Spectra  S1/S2 Hospital Grade Double/Single Breast Pump is suitable for all mothers who has trouble letting down to a pump or a mother who wants to closely match their baby’s suction pattern. The pump is designed with closed system. It is powerful, comfortable, portable and quiet. Spectra pay attention to details. The S1/S2 breast pump is perfectly designed with night light and time. Worth of money. 

Adjustable Suction Cycle (30-46 RPM) and Speed (0~300 mmHg)


If you ask moms what make them hesitate to breastfeed their babies. Time, work, husband’s support and even living environment would be the issues. However, it is surprising that “Afraid cannot build or get a letdown” is one of the main concerns. For those who want to be hard-working or exclusively breastfeeding moms, it is nightmare when they are hard to express enough milk for their little one. Not all moms are lucky enough to have sufficient milk supply. Even though they get milk flow at first, most moms find the milk flow is difficult to maintain, especially after 6 months.
Spectra S1/S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump tries to help those moms by great flexibility of suction cycle (how fast the breast pump cycle in one minute) and suction pressure (how strong the suction). Because, generally speaking, baby suck can stimulate milk flow, the suction cycle of a good breast pump should be approximately 40 to 46 cycles each minute, just like a nursing baby sucks. Spectra S1/S2 Breast Pump allows 5 levels of suction cycles range from 30-46 RPM. It implies moms can tune the cycles as closely as their babies’ sucks. It is extremely helpful to draw breast milk.
For the suction pressure, Spectra S1/S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump has AWESOME maximum 300 mmHg divided into 12 levels. It means that you can start with reasonable suck or slow suck, and then speed the suck up. Moms find it really help them to get a good amount of milk out. Spectra S1 breast pump is standout against other models even against the bestselling models of well-known brands.


Adjustable Letdown Mode

One of the standout features of Spectra S1/S2 breast pump is the letdown mode. Just turn the massage/letdown button on, the breast pump massage the breast and simulate the milk flow. After getting the letdown, moms can change from letdown to actual pumping. Different with other breast pumps, Spectra Cimilre S1/S2 breast pump does not only has letdown mode, but also fully adjustable letdown mode. Moms can adjust the cycle and suction in letdown mode. That’s why for those moms who are difficult to get milk flow by using other breast pumps can build up supply efficiently and comfortably when using Spectra  S1/S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump .

Ready for Frequently Use

The Spectra S1/S2 breast pump is designed for heavy usage like more than eight times per day and classified as hospital grade breast pump. The motor has a long motor life with 1500 hours. The Spectra S1/S2 breast pump can be changed to double pump by removing the rubber cover and plug in the second kit. It can meet different needs.

Well-designed Hygienic Closed System

Just like many famous models, Spectra S1/S2 breast pump adopts closed system design. Backflow of breast milk to tubing and motor is 100% prevented. When diaphragm pump and interact with one another to generate inhalation pressure, the backflow preventer blocks inhaled air and milk from flowing back to bottle. It implies the pump is much more hygienic and easy to maintain. As no milk will flow back, so you just need to clean the funnel but NOT inside. Don’t look down on this feature! Imagine how tired you are when takes care of your baby! And how annoying it is to clean the parts and tubing after EVERY USE! It could be HEAVY duty.

Quieter than a Fan

Most babies are easily awakened. When looking after sleeping babies, most moms need to take SPECIAL care. They must keep as quiet as possible. Unfortunately,NOISY is one of the common features of electric breast pumps. Some moms therefore use manual pump although it is not as efficient as electric pump. Spectra S1/S2 Breast Pump breaks the rule. Most moms love the SUPER QUIETNESS of Spectra S1/S2 Hospital Grade Breast Pump . It is 45 db only which is quieter than a fan, you will wonder whether it is on or not! Moms can use the pump without worry to wake the baby.

Other Features

  • One year Warranty
  • 30 minutes auto power off
  • Flange Size Standard 24 mm, Medela and Ameda are fully compatible

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